Seeking a personalized program for your wellbeing?

Whether it will be for you personally, for a group of friends or for your team we are here to develop the perfect program for you!
Whether it will be for wellbeing, stress management, relaxation, self-development or relaxation in a dream location in nature, we are here to support the manifestation of your dream.

We provide tailor-made wellness programs by our expert in holistic health and stress management.

Whether for yourself or for your company, this program will be integrated at one of our selected and recommended resort locations or healing hotels.

This program includes an evaluation prior to beginning to clarify your needs and intention. There is a first live video coaching session provided by a licensed DHARMI® Holistic Consultant who will ask specific questions and prepare an assessment of your roadmap.

After this first experience, we will create a personalized program based on your intention and the time that you will be spending at your healing space. We recommended a weeklong commitment to yourself for a dharmic journey.

This wellness journey will include insightful experiences in connection with the Five Elements of Nature for your wellbeing and self-development.  You may benefit further by adding optional spa treatments that we will suggest to you depending on your location and your needs.

Benefits include

Balance in a holistic integrative way
Personalized attention
Tailored programs depending on the needs of the participant at the moment
Consideration of all Five Bodies for wellbeing: physical, emotional, self-esteem, psychological, spiritual
Coaching and mapping in all Five Main Elements to navigate life transitions with mindfulness
Tools for healthy lifestyle and integration in their everyday life after completion of a DHARMI Journey at your location.

Example of daily schedule

Yoga practice
Spa treatment
Direct experience with the Element and main purpose of the day
Evening meditation for integration before sleep
Guidance through the DHARMI Method Coaching Session
Meals adapted for detox and balance

Our Services Include

A first evaluation online with Christelle Chopard, Mentor, Holistic Consultant, C-IAYT, before your travel
Design of a program based on your needs and intention in collaboration with the resort of your choice.
An online consultation with a DHARMI Mentor or Holistic Consultant prior to your arrival at the resort
Coaching during your DHARMic Journey
Upon completion of the program, a follow-up consultation one week afterward for integration into your daily lifestyle upon.


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